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Through out the years I have been active in the import scene on the east coast. Starting in 1995 with the purchase of a Nissan Sentra SE-R. I've made many friends and acquaintances because of this hobby come obsession. Lately I have purchased a 1996 Acura Integra in hopes of once again becoming submerged into the scene. Alot of things have changed since I first got involved in tinkering with cars. First starting with illegal street racing, to organized events at local tracks, to national events and now to commercial motivated national  television events. Now with the majority of pro import cars running 8 seconds or faster it has become more and more commercial and professional. Long gone are the days of driving a car to the track and hoping to win a heads up competition. It will only be a matter of time until we see bracket racing being removed from import events to make way for the big dollar heads up pro classes. It's a bit of a double edge sword for some of us who enjoyed racing at the track, and yet wanting to see the sport become a major player in the auto industry. With such success always comes some drawbacks. As always I hope the scene will continue to grow, and to show the rest of the world that fast import cars are just as good as their higher displacement domestic brethren.


  - Memorial to Suk Heon Son
  - Pictures from National Grand Prix, Washington D.C. July 21st 2002
  - Pictures from Maryland International Raceway.. June 13th 2002..